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Is your garbage disposal acting up? Did it stop working completely? When your garbage disposal is on the fritz you realize how valuable and convenient they are! If you are experiencing issues with your garbage disposer, Kennon HVAC’s local plumbing services is ready to help!


Our team of experienced, licensed plumbers can get your garbage disposer working, quickly and affordably.

Many homeowners want to fix or replace their own disposal, and this could be possible. However, you need to keep safety in mind, and there are several risks involved in repairing or replacing your own garbage disposal. Many people get cut, sometimes severely, reaching into their garbage disposer. Because your disposer requires water and electricity, there is the potential to get shocked, and sometimes strongly enough to require emergency medical treatment.

Common Garbage Disposal Issues

Is there a problem with your garbage disposal?

It’s easy to take our garbage disposer for granted, until it stops working. If you need same day repairs or a replacement installed, Kennon is committed to getting your problem solved quickly and done RIGHT.

We never compromise quality! Our plumbers are highly trained licensed experts.
Call us at 678-251-9776  for your plumbing needs!


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