Homeowners in Cumming and throughout North Georgia trust Kennon Heating & Air Conditioning for their HVAC maintenance plans!

We offer affordable plans that guarantee to help your air conditioning system run more efficiently. Our expert technicians are trained to inspect, service and repair all brands of heating and air conditioning equipment. Kennon Heating & Air Conditioning and excellent customer service go hand in hand, so you can rest assured your HVAC system is being taken care of properly! See details of our Kennon Priority Plus membership below.

With The Kennon Priority Plus Membership You Are Our Priority

The Kennon Priority Plus Membership gives our customers the ease of mind that their systems are going to run for as long as possible, as efficiently as possible. It’s not only being proactive, but the Kennon Priority Plus Membership will help our customers get priority service and save money on service calls and repairs. We have combined our award winning services with maximum proactivity and great savings, all while ensuring that our members remain our top priority. There is no need to wait, join today. See details below.

Priority Service:
Guaranteed Service Within 24 HOURS
Discounted Repairs:
Take 15% OFF Repairs
NO Service Call Fee:
Get Your System Diagnosed for FREE
Spring Maintenance:
Air Conditioning Unit (1x/yr)
36-POINT Inspection & Cleaning
Cycle a/c system, clean or change standard filters, clean condenser coil, clean drain line, measure and record Delta T, cycle condenser pump, measure and record amp draw to the blower, measure and record amp draw to the compressor. Measure and record amp draw from condenser fan motor, measure and record capacitor microfarads, tighten electrical connections, clean exterior, clean electrical cabinet and check refrigerant charge.
Fall Maintenance:
Heating System (1x/yr)
46-POINT Inspection & Cleaning
Clean cycle the heating system, clean and change standard filters, clean heat exchanger, clean flame sensor, measure and record Delta T, check gas pressure, measure and record amp draw to the blower, measure and record capacitor microfarads, tighten electrical connections. Inspect and clean exterior and electrical cabinet. Clean blower compartment, check gas pressure, check for gas leaks, and check flue pipe connection.
Complementary Plumbing:
Plumbing System (1x/yr)
11-POINT Inspection
Check water pressure, water heater flush, dye test, under sink inspection (visual), test all drains, check and clean faucet aerator and check expansion tank.


1 System
$179.88 yearly
Monthly N/A
2 Systems
$299.76 yearly
$24.98 for 12 months
3 Systems
$419.64 yearly
$34.97 for 12 months
4 Systems
$539.62 yearly
$44.96 for 12 months

Membership Agreement

This Membership Agreement (hereinafter referred to as “Agreement”) is entered into and made effective between Kennon Heating And Air Conditioning (hereinafter referred to as “Company”) and an Individual (hereinafter referred to as “Customer”) at the time of financial exchange (hereinafter referred to as “Effective Date”) for the benefits of the Kennon Priority Plus program (hereinafter referred to as “Membership”). The Company and Client shall be collectively referred to as “Parties” and individually as “Party”.


The Company hereby agrees to perform the following services, as well as apply the following benefits (hereinafter referred to as the “Services”), for applicable work performed on an eligible system/s:

  1. Diagnostic inspection of unit/s within 24 hours of a confirmed service call;
  2. No fee for diagnostic service calls;
  3. A 15% discount on system repairs (does not include replacement of system);
  4. One 36-point inspection and cleaning of the air conditioning unit;
  5. One 46-point inspection, safety check, and cleaning of heating system;
  6. One 11-point inspection of plumbing system.


In consideration of the Services provided by the Company, the Customer shall pay the sum of:

  1. $179.88 for 1 System;
  2. $299.76 or $24.98 per month for 2 Systems;
  3. $419.64 or $34.97 per month for 3 Systems;
  4. $539.62 or $44.96 per month for 4 Systems.

The Company shall provide an invoice to the Customer starting on the Effective Date. By entering into this agreement, the Customer commits to paying the yearly membership in full.


This Agreement shall commence on the Effective Date and shall terminate after 1 year from the Effective Date. Unless otherwise notified by the Company or with confirmed notification from the Customer, the Agreement will auto-renew on the anniversary of the Effective Date.


A Customer may cancel their Agreement at any time, for any reason. Cancellation of an Agreement will result in the Services of the Agreement to cease and for the Agreement to not auto-renew at the end of the term. Cancellation of an Agreement does not result in a refund or negate the full financial obligation of this agreement. Payments for Services are final. Any remaining balance of a Customer’s Agreement, regardless of how many days are left in the current term, is still the responsibility of the Customer.

By signing, verbally acknowledging or providing payment for the services and benefits of the Membership, you represent that you have read, understand and agree to the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

Customer Testimonials

Kennon Heating & Air Conditioning has earned glowing reviews from homeowners from the north metro Atlanta area to north Georgia. See what our customers have to say about us.
"Kennon Heating and air was great starting with the phone call and setting up a same day appointment. Then getting a text with a picture of the technician and the time he would be there. He was very knowledgeable and was able to diagnose the problem."

Lindsey F.

Tampa, FL

"I had Kennon Heating Air & Plumbing out to my house yesterday. The experience was great. First I called after hours on a holiday weekend, got a person who answered the phone, made an appointment no problem. Then I got texts and calls along the way. Michael showed up on time, wore shoe coverings, was polite and professional. Listened to my issues, worked on it all, taught me some things, charged me what they said they would, offered me quotes for the projects we talked about, and left. I don’t know what else you could ask for. Will keep using them for sure, and recommend them as well."

Jim F.

Tampa, FL

"I called Kennon recently to fix a plumbing issue. The plumber that came out – Matt Stewart – was excellent. He was prompt, courteous, and diagnosed the problem. Thankfully, it was a smaller problem than thought, and he was honest about the best way to approach it, which probably saved me a lot of money. I highly recommend his services in the company."

Alexis G.

Tampa, FL

"The excellent work of extremely knowledgeable and friendly staff made all of my experiences with Kennon amazing! I would highly recommend using their services to diagnose an HVAC issue, duct cleaning, or a plumbing quote."

Marshall D.

Tampa, FL

"Sylvester did an amazing job cleaning my air ducts, sanitizing them and cleaning my return and supply vent. Most of all I appreciate his kindness and willingness to educate me! I'll definitely use his services again!!!"

Tanisha M.

Tampa, FL

"The company Kennon Heating and Air are top notch! They communicate, they show up, and they perform quality work. The services are fairly priced. In addition when you call the office, the staff is receptive and a pleasure to talk to. Just A+ all around. Will continue to do business with!"

Brock Z.

Tampa, FL

"I cannot express how delighted I was with their level of service. The salesman/technician that came to evaluate my house was very thorough, discussed every detail, explained every option, and answered all questions. While discussing pricing they were very competitive and offered me an exceptional deal. If you only choose one HVAC person, I personally feel that Kennon would be a great choice."

Michael B.

Tampa, FL

"The team at Kennon were great to work with. They were probably one of the best experiences I have had with HVAC service by far. They were very responsive, thoroughly answered any questions I had and were extremely proactive about addressing any potential concerns. From initial consultation, to estimate, to complete HVAC installation in my basement took just over a week! I would highly recommend Kennon Heating & Air."

Charles A.

Tampa, FL