Bless You!

sneezeTo remove air-born pollutants and micro-particles, we offer the Honeywell Micro-defense Filters. You will be glad you use this filter which lasts up to 3 months and will Improve Indoor Air Quality.

Honeywell’s Micro-Defense filter is the exclusive premium Media Filter Technology removes airborne pollutants down to the micro-particle level. This is the highest quality electrostaticaly charged filter available; and maximizes Indoor air quality with existing equipment.

This filter is 95% efficient at filtering large household air particles from the air passing through the filter from the best name in high performance media filtration. Easy-flow energy efficiency and Honeywell’s Micro-defense Air Filters provide an additional layer of defense against harmful airborne micro-particles that no other filter can match. Equivalent to the Best current MERV [energy efficiency rating scale] rating on any residential air filter. Heavy-duty frame and reinforced filter.