Gainesville, GA Heating Repair

During the cold months, heating is vital to the comfort of your household. Learn to recognize the signs of furnace or heat pump issues and call Kennon HVAC if you experience heating malfunction or need furnace service. Our specialists are well-versed in all equipment models and will get your heater back up and running in no time.

Common Furnace Problems

If you notice an increase in power bills, uneven heating patterns, unpleasant odors, or unusual noises coming from your furnace, it is time to have your furnace serviced and inspected. If the pilot light in the furnace’s combustion chamber goes out, the furnace will not be able to produce heat when you need it.

The pilot light could extinguish due to an inefficiently burning flame, dirt buildup, even a strong draft. Many furnaces have instructions for re-lighting the pilot light; however, this usually will not solve the underlying problem. A malfunctioning gas furnace could cause carbon monoxide leaks in your home, which could go undetected until it is too late. Kennon HVAC’s expert heating specialists can inspect your furnace to find and fix the real issue at hand.

Common Heat Pump Problems

Intermittent heat and strange noises are signs your heat pump needs repair. Outdoor heat pumps can form ice or frost on them if the defroster is not working, which can interfere with heating capabilities. Blocked ducts or clogged filters could also cause this problem. Kennon HVAC knows how to inspect and fix heat pumps in Gainesville to get them back in working order.

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